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Slide THE FUTURE OF ENGINEERING™ Innovating through Engineering
Connect with engineers around the world, advance your career and make a significant mark on your industry, be inspired to solve the world’s biggest challenges using innovation through engineering.

Why The Future of Engineering Matters

According to Engineering UK…


The UK experiences an annual shortfall of 59,000 engineering graduates and technicians required to fulfill core engineering roles


46% of engineering employers report recruitment difficulties


57% of companies report a technical skills gap in people who have qualifications (source)

£1.5 Billion

Shortage of engineering costs £1.5 billion a year (source)

Sustainable Development Goals

Become a...

How Women Engineers are Changing the World

How Women Engineers Are Changing The World

This ebook highlights the need for more women engineers today and how we ARE and CAN change the world. If you are a female engineer this ebook will provide you with advice and words of encouragement to follow your aspirations, to find your inner strength and follow your passion.

You will find examples of successful female engineers, who are making a mark in their industries and the world today. We are called on more than ever, to learn and lead with integrity,  to maintain our curiosity and engineering new possibilities, forging the changes we want to see in our global community.

We need YOU more than ever, YOU are the Present and the Future!

What The Future of EngineeringTM does

  • Active network of engineers from a wide variety of industries
  • Practical, technical training to close the skills gap
  • Interpersonal training to enhance your career
  • Seminars and workshops on meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Innovating through engineering
  • Championing Diverse Engineering Talent and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion education

Champion Diverse Engineering Talent


Driving a successful career trajectory


Technical & leadership skills to advancing your engineering career


Engineering a better world encompassing the Sustainable Development Goals

Drive Systemic Change

  • Best practices and trends on Engineering the future, Sustainability, equity, inclusion and employee engagement
  • Monthly Speakers on The Future of Engineering, Innovation through Engineering & Engineering a better world and state of variety of engineering Industries.
  • The FUTURE OF ENGINEERING Summit™ to bring Engineering, Innovation, Technology and Sustainability champions together to share best practices and learning

Engineering a Better World

Sustainable development is one of the United Nations’ Global Goals that it would like to achieve by 2030. As a part of this strategy, it has developed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Engineering will play a key role in helping the UN as it strives to make...

Can digitalisation close the gender pay gap?

It will take approximately 170 years to close the world’s gender gap, according to The World Economic Forum’s latest gender gap report. While a lot can change in 170 years, including new developments to accelerate this process, a key focus is the adaptability of the...