The Future of Engineering 2021 Summit

The Future of Engineering Summit


As the world looks ahead to solve the biggest challenges, there is a growing recognition that the engineers of today and the future are critical in solving these challenges. This event is hosted by The Future of Engineering and is an opportunity to understand the roles of Innovation, Sustainability and Skills in designing our Future.

What will happen on the day?

We will feature a series of talks on the core areas- Innovation, Sustainability & Skills from leading voices across the world, who believe in The Future of Engineering as a drive to solve our biggest challenges.

What people were saying

I’d like to thank all of the speakers and facilitators at yesterday’s FutureofEngineering summit, for an incredibly informative and valuable afternoon yesterday, spent listening to some truthful and hard hitting messages around the key priorities for Engineers in the current working environment, and indeed the current world environment.

Paraphrasing Tom Greatrex CE of Nuclear Industry Association, when asked about the impact of 2020 and Covid on the roadmap to achieving Net 0 Carbon Emissions; ‘There is now a greater public and general acceptance.. that there are existential threats that are only going to be addressed by a sustained International effort’

An afternoon of food for thought and action!

Emma Hamilton

Estimating and Project Control | Mechanical Engineer

Very insightful conference with good variety of industry challenges and solutions discussed. Well done.
Moutasim Al Hafidh

FX eCommerce, Deutsche Bank

A really good webinar with a range of interesting insights from great speakers. I look forward to the next one!
Stu Collins

Creative Problem Solver | Digital Innovator

It was an absolute pleasure supporting the summit and sharing thoughts and experiences with such a great group of panelists. Well done The Future of Engineering, and thanks for the opportunity to share thoughts on innovation Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
Anita Fernqvist

Chief Data Officer and Director of Operations, Zurich UK

Virtual i Technologies


How innovation plays a critical role in enabling a sustainable future for businesses, whether it is using data, digitalisation, AI. It is also about collaboration, culture & commitment.



Global challenges require collaborative action. Only by working together we can accelerate the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We will learn how we address the needs of the low carbon economy.


What are the skills priorities required to close the engineering gap, how we retain the talent across all communities and backgrounds, reflecting the diversity in our societies.


Who is it for?

Leaders of organisations, innovators & engineers

Meet The Future of Engineering Summit speakers 

Denise Cárdenas López

Denise Cárdenas López – Founder The Future of Engineering™

Tom Greatrex

Tom Greatrex – Chief Executive, Nuclear Industry Association (NIA)

Alex de Mur

Alex De Mur – Managing Director & Partner, Boston Consulting Group

Anita Fernqvist

Anita Fernqvist – UK Director of Operations and Chief Data Officer, Zurich Insurance UK

Shane Kenny

Shane Kenny – Conscious Leadership Coach and Psychological Safety Expert

Joost Van Lier

Joost Van Lier – Founder and CEO, Blue World Carbon

Hiba Arshad

Hiba Arshad – Strategy and Policy Advisor, Her Majesty’s Treasury

Fola Jimi Okubanjo

Fola Jimi Okubanjo – CEO, Fola Jimi Worldwide

Mohamed Ali Abdelhak

Mohamed Ali Abdelhak – Strategic Account Manager, Autodesk

Ryan McGovern

Ryan McGovern – Chief Product Officer, Virtual i Technologies