The Future of Engineering 2022 Summit

The Future of Engineering Summit

22,23,24 June 2022

Why attend The Future of Engineering SUMMIT 2022?

The Future of Engineering Summit 2022, taking place 22/23/24 June, will bring together leading minds in engineering and innovation to discuss the major issues facing organisations and the global community at large. Our focus is on sustainability, innovation, and the skills required by future engineers. This year’s event will inspire discussion on the transition to net zero and embedding sustainability across the industry. We’ll also spark conversations about sustainability in the careers of engineers.

Hear from past summit speakers and attendees

I’d like to thank all of the speakers and facilitators at yesterday’s Future of Engineering summit, for an incredibly informative and valuable afternoon yesterday, spent listening to some truthful and hard hitting messages around the key priorities for Engineers in the current working environment, and indeed the current world environment.

Paraphrasing Tom Greatrex CE of Nuclear Industry Association, when asked about the impact of 2020 and Covid on the roadmap to achieving Net 0 Carbon Emissions; ‘There is now a greater public and general acceptance.. that there are existential threats that are only going to be addressed by a sustained International effort’

An afternoon of food for thought and action!

Emma Hamilton

Estimating and Project Control | Mechanical Engineer

Who is it for?

Leaders of organisations, innovators & engineers

Sustainable Planet

Reflections on COP26 and what the next challenges will be for organisations.

Strategies used by companies aiming to achieve carbon-neutral goals and where they are committing to invest.

Sustainable Development Goals and the net-zero workforce’



The role of engineering in technical innovation and how it transforms organisations, societies, and communities.

Most current and trending technologies act as enablers to a carbon-neutral future.

Innovation, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Sustainable Careers

Advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and gender equality in the workplace.

Creating psychological safety and belonging at work.

The next generation.