Denise Cárdenas López

Our Founder, Denise Cárdenas Lopez, will be taking part in the ‘Global Champions Summit’ September 8th & 9th discussing the role of Innovation and Sustainability in The Future of Engineering™ and how we can encourage more women to enter into engineering.

She will provide insights into her ebook ‘How Women Engineers are Changing the World’.

What people are saying about the Global Champions Summit

Hi Denise, to me your work is awesome and inspiring. The world needs more scientific engineering expertise, very much like what you are offering. As a woman, I am very proud of you.

Jenny Gobin

Wonderful topic. very apt. Denise, awesome session.  One of the most interesting sessions

Sanjeev Gathani

Very inspiring
Bentenbi Chaibdra Tani

This was really inspiring. This has given me lots of food for thought.
Natasha Ghitt

Very timely information… great push
Alette Liz Williams

Great points and kudos to your team and you, will definitely connect with you for my ASEAN summit
Sanjeev Gathani