Sometimes all you need…

Sometimes all you need…

May 20, 2021

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement, words of wisdom from someone who’s “been there, done that.” Sometimes we need support from someone who’s been in your shoes. Sound advice from a mentor figure. Some inspiration to keep us on our path.

It’s hard enough for women to earn the right amount of education, to compete in male-dominated fields for jobs and equal pay, and to have the courage to chase their dreams. There are so many obstacles and barriers that women face at all stages of their career journey.

The field of engineering is one heavily dominated by men. Even though young girls and women are being exposed to the STEM field earlier, it is still mostly male-oriented. There is a LONG way to go for it to be truly inclusive, but I am advocating for women to join mer and other successful female engineers. Together, we can embrace their inner power, the power of change, and the power of now… to change the world.

That champion is Denise Cárdenas López. Her new e-book, “How Women Engineers Are Changing The World,” is a glimpse into her own personal journey into the field of engineering. A field she is most passionate about. She is very transparent as she shares her knowledge and experiences from throughout her career. She gives her audience ten pearls of wisdom around topics such as empowerment, problem-solving, sustainability, technology and innovation, determination, overcoming barriers, networking, inclusivity, resilience, and role models.

She doesn’t stop there though! Knowing how valuable it is to see and hear from other successful women like herself, she also shares the stories of ten amazing women who have each made their mark in the field. Many of them rising to the top of their careers and making a huge impact not just in their organizations, but in the world as a whole. The e-book shares some startling facts that show how much more women engineers are needed as well as how much work there is to do to bridge the gap and overcoming bias in the field of engineering. The e-book identifies traits and skills needed to help you take charge and transform your career.

If you want to have a successful, impactful career in engineering… or if you are somewhere already on your journey in need of some uplifting, download a FREE copy of the e-book today!

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