Step into your power to accelerate your career

Step into your power to accelerate your career

Step into your power to accelerate your career

May 27, 2021

Engineering is facing a skills crisis. The world is demanding larger numbers of engineers for infrastructure development, digital transformation and sustainability initiatives. However, we are failing to meet this demand.

Whether you’re an engineer or you work in human resources at an engineering firm, developing your career or team while integrating sustainability and innovation into the process takes a collaborative effort. Forging connections and relationships within the industry helps to develop rich career opportunities and aids in future advancement for the field of engineering as a whole.

Map out your development

Identifying and mapping your vision for your engineering career or organisation begins by understanding where you are now. Consider how you want to make an impact, and how this vision aligns with your values and the values of your company. Break each step into smaller goals, and apply the concept of the “S Curve” (which I’ll be discussing in my upcoming webinar ) to your development.

By believing in yourself and stepping into your power, you can align your goals with your values – an often overlooked component of building a career. Everyone wants to feel motivated and connected to their work, and by working out of alignment with your values, you may feel a lack of perceived significance to the efforts you’re putting forth.

Identify your skills

Take a step back, and consider what you want your greatest accomplishments and contributions to your community to be. Envision your “why,” and how it affects your “how.” Think grassroots and bare bones before you begin to flesh out the bigger picture. By starting small, you can identify the steps you need to take along the way without this journey becoming overwhelming and exhaustive. This will ensure you reach your goals without burning out along the way.

What is your skillset? By understanding your capabilities and identifying room for growth, you can begin to take steps to implement new learnings and expand your horizons. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, with engineers primed to step into roles that require critical thinking and problem solving in the midst of constant change. Be bold and courageous in your exploration.

A global platform for engineers

Pioneering a virtual community focused on shared knowledge, with a foundation of diversity, equity and inclusion will support greater innovation in engineering. Through collaboration, we can build a library of best practices and discoveries to be shared across disciplines, with an aim to close the engineering skills gap and allow individuals to dive deeper into their discipline while building on their aptitude. By advancing and retaining engineers, we can equip them with the tools needed to create innovative, sustainable solutions to inspire the next generation and support their communities’ needs.

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