Sustainable Paths to Innovation

Sustainable Paths to Innovation

Sustainable Paths to Innovation

Aug 6, 2021

Sustainable Paths to Innovation are Built on Data

Why digitalisation is essential for innovation

Organisations wanting to create change need to ensure they’ve taken steps toward a complete digitalisation of their data. Why? Data is at the core of meaningful innovation.

A 2021 global survey by Software AG reveals 97% of IT directors say their company went through digital transformation efforts in 2020, and the same percentage expect that investment will carry on into 2021.

Let’s look at how data and digitalisation drive innovation, and how savvy engineers can prepare to meet the opportunities ahead.

How is data connected to innovation?

When we talk about data, we mean the value of data and the ability to innovate with it, says Anita Fernqvist. She’s the UK Chief Data Officer and Operations Director of Zurich Insurance UK, and was a speaker at The Future of Engineering Summit in January 2021.

Digitalisation within an organisation empowers teams to innovate based on real data, increasing their ability to effect real change. This data journey is the process by which companies create usable reports from original datasets.

At Zurich Insurance UK, Fernqvist’s data team spearheaded a massive digitalisation project, pulling data from various systems across multiple countries. They were able to engage stakeholders, collaborate across teams and build a legacy of sustainability within the company.

How do organisations benefit?

Fernqvist says data isn’t just about technology. Engineering leaders also need to consider the impact on people, processes, technology and culture at each stage of digitalisation.

The end deliverable for Fernqvist’s company was a robust data asset created to support the organisation’s goals. The company can now use its data to innovate across all levels of the organisation, and for its customers.

Digitalisation also benefits internal teams. When people are frustrated by a lack of data to make good business decisions, growth can stagnate. On the other hand, when individuals are engaged and brought into collaboration and planning, they become empowered to succeed in their roles.

Sustainability is key to career development

Organisations across the UK will need talented teams to lead digital transformation efforts, creating job opportunities and career growth for engineers in this field.

A recent ManpowerGroup report called Thriving in the New Reality says, “Global organisations who integrate data into their decision-making, employee training and recruiting will be best positioned for growth.”

Create change that moves organisations forward

Data science is essential. Companies cannot undertake innovation without understanding what problems they’re trying to solve and why. Digitalisation allows organisations to help their customers, identify challenges, and solve both existing and future problems.

The data journey is a significant undertaking, but the results give an organisation the ability to support internal teams, invest in meaningful innovation and enjoy a sustainable future.

The field of engineering is key to solving major issues currently faced by governments and organisations. Want to learn more? Mark your calendar and join us for The Future of Engineering Summit on November 3rd & 4th, 2021

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