What We Do

The Future of Engineering Founders


To bring engineering to forefront of society and to democratise global technological and engineering knowledge, inspiring and accelerating the young generation to drive a positive impact anywhere in the world using innovation through engineering.


To contribute to the solution and achievement of the Agenda 2030 Sustainable development Goals with the largest pool of global engineering talent, innovating through engineering.

Agenda 2030 for Sustainable development by the United Nations is a call for action over the next 10 years and focuses on 17 Sustainment Development Goals (SDGs).

2030 Agenda

The SDGs represent a path towards sustainable development which cover economic, social and environmental spheres in which to move from commitment to action.

All of these areas need Innovation through Engineering. At the FOE we incorporate a wider approach to engineering and engage with Governments, Private Sector and Civil society – engineers and young people.

The way in which we achieve the SDGs within the timeframe is by harnessing the future of engineering and here is why:

Governments will save money if they increase their efforts to close the engineering gap and adapt engineering in every aspect of society.

Engineering today is changing more rapidly than ever before.

Attraction and retention from diverse backgrounds, equity and inclusion is imperative so engineers reflect the societies they serve.

On a daily basis more people are exposed to the use of engineering and they don’t even know it.

More so today, innovators, technology and manufacturing companies are embracing the future of engineering as part of their creative process to accelerate their growth.

That is why at The Future of Engineering™ we are so passionate to inspire and teach governments, industry and people to understand how technology and engineering can bring lasting growth and lasting change – Welcome to the Future of Engineering!


Innovation through Engineering

A more sustainable world through technology and engineering.

Global knowledge sharing as a foundation for progress.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Equal opportunities for all, regardless of nationality, race and gender.